Garden Club

The AGM was held on August 13th. A clear indication of the competence and popularity of our office bearers was that they were returned with resounding support. Ray Wise - President, Melva Bruce - Vice President, Shirley Callaghan – Secretary, Glynis Brown - Treasurer, 4 Committee members and some willing to help, comprised of existing and new members.


We considered the plight of the drought stricken farmers North East of us and planned how we might help. This cause will receive funds raised from the raffle at the upcoming S A Garden Club Rally at Cornerstone College Mt Barker on the weekend of 26th August 2018. The seven members currently booked for the SA Garden Club Rally looked forward with anticipation to the exciting programme. Speakers include Trevor Nottle, Sophie Thompson, and garden visits to the Steinwedel garden “Wandilla”, then a truly beautiful Stirling Hills garden crammed with every colourful plant delight - as only the Adelaide Hills, tons of compost and mountains of love and hard work can produce, all rounded off at Carrick Hill gardens with a guided SA Museum of Gardening history tour by Richard Roseneath, Head of Benefaction and driver of the establishment of the Museum which is still in the initial development stage.

The business meeting was followed by our Annual Garden Quiz. I declare an interest here in that the “Bright Sprouts” were the winning table. My garden sports a newly developed Euphorbia bearing testimony to the fact that we won and that prizes were generously sponsored by Karkoo plant centre.

The sumptuous, varied supper was too, too delicious to linger long on the table.



• Mulch, mulch, mulch, as there is talk it will be hotter and drier this summer. I usually suggest that this is the time to check your watering system is operating correctly - have you already done that?

• Stagger plantings of sweet corn, give tomatoes a side dressing of potassium to help with fruit set, and avoid irregular watering as this will encourage blossom end rot.

• If you enjoy large well-formed stone fruit or apples and pears they can be thinned about now - I know it is a difficult thing to do but it will reward you at harvest time.

• Prune native plants after they have finished flowering to keep the plants in good shape and to promote new growth.

• Roses are prone to aphids at this time of the year - try not to use insecticides which will kill the good predators, instead blast them off with a jet of water. Encourage good strong healthy growth with an organic based fertilizer which contains potash

Next Meetings

Monday 8th October - Freebies Night - Free entry. Please bring an item for the lucky door prize. Three speakers from within our Cub

Monday 15th October - we have been invited to Kangarilla and Districts Floral Art and Garden Club. Chris Lee will be giving a demonstration of several floral arrangements. It will be interesting to see the designs she creates as she endeavours to make do with whatever she has in her garden at the time.

Monday 12th November - Roger Argent a Pelargonium expert will talk on how to get the best blooms from your plants. You will also be able to learn the difference between a Pelargonium and a Geranium.